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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

"We built this She-Bang-Bang under a Cover of Social Justice"

"Freedom of Speech is for Wee wee, the men
with the Assets. The rest of you: Log Out.
Go read your Index, TOC, footnotes!

This here is my Palace~those are Les Scrubs.
I write ALl the Rules that Work very well
to satisfy Old Boys under our desks.
Should any complain we just Shut Em Up!
No means Yes when we say so, mujeres.

Let's walk on Over to where we keep 'Em.
They've got two jobs, one is to Cook and Clean.
And the other is to Eat when Hunger
calls up a Male Erection. Get back
to Work!  Yup! We have built this She-Bang-Bang
under the Covers of Social Justice."  (wink wink)

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