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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sappho and her Sister Helen Asleep

Pansies and their Smell as small as a Girl
who learned from her Sister about the World.
It is a Large place, you See, you'll need a Car
for now I'll drive you where you need to Go.

There in the Grass, Pansies put us to Sleep
and we Traveled far in our Floral Dreams.
We went back to our Home (Home, where are you?)
But we weren't Sure we Knew How to Go

to it yet still be Here by our Pansies
that Grow in a Line from their Stems near the Street
Spotted and lined by Design on the Hour
Blooming, Growing, then Wilted by the Power

of a Force so Great it takes You and Me
to a Mild Meadow for our SafeKeep

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