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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Vaginal Collateral gets no Due Process.Cock a Demic Freedom to Extract "Yes"

Cock-a-Demic Freedom to Expect Sex!
Get Down Brown Woman don't Weep for your Rights
or he'll greet you at your Window (Peeping
NTong). A Stalker you'll find in every Stair
case. And, none would Dare come to your Aid.
Their Mortgage Depends on It. In those High
hills are Nice Mansions at Cut-Rate. Go, Lay
your Troubles to Rest before you Retire.
The Suppression takes Place by the Hour.
Trust me, none will be Smarter for Kitty.
Civil Rights? That's for Humans! Vaginal
Collateral gets no Due Process.
She made her Choices. She asked for It. Get
this: the Cunt actually thinks she's Human.c/s

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