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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sappho, Sappho, will you Ever Tire? I live Forever in these Verses Mine.

Sappho, Sappho, will you Ever Tire?
Excusemoi ma Amor! Whatcha Sayin?
That Sappho can't Blow out this little Fire,
When all of her Ouevre was burned in a Pyre?

Did she just Collapse on her Ass? Sighing
for all her Lost Youth? Hell no que Ya Estufas!
Once in a While, Truedat they get Bold
these Silly Men with Gold in their Rolls...
I Sweep the Floor with them and Eons Too!
As long as I've got my Crew of Womyn,
Calafia, Lorna Dee, Emily,
Edith Wharton, Piaf, Morris, and Head,
and the Best of them All, La Llorona...
I live forever in these Verses Torrid.

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