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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Dear Saturday of Forbidden Lusts:Why Couldn't my Harasser be Julian? Yes, Yes I CAN.

Why Couldn't my Harasser be Julian?
Why Can't I be married to Naui? What
lack did Acosta claim of me? Williams--
though dead gave me my First born and then wrote
about me:  I'm Elsie, broken brained Girl.
She is me to me. Muse of the Mind's Poise
still the Water of Isolate Lake and Flecks.

    A Cubist Tourist in Poetic Times

Ah Fine Moments at the Paterson Falls
Handsome Ian and Proper Emily
Fun Teddy Graham, like a Chocolate covered
Cookie I am.  Take these words and these Breaths,
but let me Have my Say As would Williams
for "I am concerned"... your Humanity.
knows not its Reflection.  A M I M E D I T

Edith Piaf, Wharton, Head, and Morris
Wilson and Comstock and VAsquez we have
Multiplied to form a Society

               for Verse as "To Elsie."

In pragmatic

Terms, through a PhD,  Yellow Tassel
Flowers  a Woven Thread of Poesy
crossed to Calife where LDC grew Emplumadas
 A Sketch oby my octogenarian
      father who draws a "perfect Yellow Fleur"
                made "for Eyes to See"

Why Couldn't my Harasser be Julian,
           Julio Cortazar, Julia de Burgos....

      Yes, Yes I CAN found a School for Poets.

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and still "the imagination strains"
in "stifling heat"


baby you can drive My car

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