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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Protecting Mes Femmes: La Familia Whistle Blaaaaaaauuuu Insigniad C/S La Dadora de Dignidad Didi

Isn't she Lovely and Wonderful?
the Bride who was won through Consensual
relations? Who delayed her Assent. Shhh
Listen, she's not Interested. Go oG

re, Rapist on Leave, Sabbatical
Slave master seeking a Tourist
Locale for a Pee Spot, or how Bout
guys, the National Conference, MLA

WTF? There are Procedures Inhibiting
this besides I'm not a Sicko Pig Liberal.
I'm Edith.  No, I will not Attend Though
it Harms me, My Reputation, my Future

My Laurels Spilt BledOut Reversed
Insigniad  C/S Didi y Que! de Aquellas!

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