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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

MIT "Youtube" Book LOL Poor Boys trying so Hard to Bridge Gaps with a Crack


Yes, there are Professors who Roll Youtube
videos, write books on it, Advertise
their Knack as Narrator of the Web
and along with that, they Infantilize
the Youth who seem so Bored as they Ponder
the Mirth of a Nothingness Played Upon
Imaginations in Chains, Plato's Cave,
the DumpBox that's been Overfilled Again.
With so much going on, a "Filmmaker"
relies on  Projectors for her High5's.
Yes, it is very True that MIT
is Making a Mouse's Cheese of our Minds.
However, I don't blame them those Poor Boys
trying what they can to fill Gaps with Holes.

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