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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Rhyme has two Laces for its Nike Airs

Rhyme has two Laces for its Nike Airs
Sound it out Black Black sound it out Red Red
I'm thinking the John Chamberlain would Spare
us that Nonsense of Modernism. Screw
you! What's your Bias Post Modernism?
You can't find your Footnotes again Edith?
Well well there's too little Slack in the Leash.
Masters of Hatrage demanding my FLesh.
The gnash gnash like Todorov did Say I'm
preferring my Venti Tall! Franz Kafka
is here and the Envelope Reads James Joyce.
Assist him, he's Visually Impaired MOJO
More Joyce don't mind your Eyes: Special
Fats for Polymorphological Deus.

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