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Sunday, February 13, 2011

When Mama Curandera Prescribed me Doctor Martin

Que Barbaridad  (y con Estudio?)
(I've never heard of Professors doing
that. Can you Imagine?) I'm a Witness.
You see they took me as just a Nigger
Lover, and we know how they Feel About
Blacks! One day at a Meeting, a Trustee
had to Shout to be Recognized, African
American for sure a Hot Shot. Ug!
I can't believe he'd Complain of Being
Invisible! pshaw!  Excusemoi Boss
Lady, White and Course, siting only Among
High Class Liberals. None of those Brown oneS. GrrrrOSs!
M'ija, a tree Grown Crooked can Never
Straighten. That's its Fate. There's no Correction.
"You will have to go the way Martin did
en Xochitl en Cuicatl como Martin" c/s

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