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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I Outran the Stats, the Frats, and the Paws:Anthropollywogiando Conmigo?

I Outran the Stats, the Frats, and the Paws
such as Low expectations, Self-Fulfilled
Prophecies and Gropers. The Anthro
Pollywogs with Gangrene-of-the-Mind poor
Pups, I'm Sorry you see Life in such Gaffes.
Are those Spy Lenses there? A Recorder?
Your Unwanted Attention is Rather
Obvious. Ya Estufas I see the Idea
You flashing the Master Race Card Again?
Paid your Dues to the Association?
You heard of the Wog who Jumped from his Pond
to History--no PhD--He Lashes
his Whip pretending he's a Humanist
Anthropollywog Fraude en la Historia! (C/S)

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