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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Blinded by Justice. Yours should take Cover. I'm Surging.

You tried to Exploit me and you Succeed
with this as your Prize Trophy, poor Failed
Writer poor Muse who serves You. Your Reply
to that Calling is a Burp Fart Raging
the Dumpster-Designed Suspenders Reprised
Overalls signifying GoshDangShit
My my! What rebellion squelched Dry in Prime
Time.  Yours which is Rattled and MisConceived
of False Profits with Dignity in Demise.
Dependent upon Corruption, Slime, Sexual
Abuses? What Rhyme would be Allured
by such Crimes? Poetic Justice of a Kind
that Blinds with its Brilliance and is Blinded
by Verses. Yours should take Cover. I'm Surging.

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