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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Disability Verse (no not Curse): Our Verse will hit the Dart in the Bull'sEye

Come take a Course with Sappho, no Matter
if you are Ill, down deep and Depressed.
Poetry can Heal a Nervous Wreck, A-
D-D- (Oh, I forgot where?) The Records
we'll set them Straight or Curvy what the Hell
All Shapes and Sizes all Neurons Welcomed.
Any Uptakers? Ridalin? Okay
no hay problema.  We will Educate
ourselves and all the Falsies Too who Think
that they are Better and Smarter for when
asked they answer 2+2.While numbers
we Use them Wryly Stitching Metered Lines
to Prosodize the Ableist's Mythic Lies:
YES! Verse hits the Bullshit Eye's Everytime.

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