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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Spit Spit on You Sappho We've Hired a Lawyer to Vie with Your Muse

Spit Spit on You
Sappho Fuck Off
We can't read Poems
so we hired

a powerful
Attorney to
Vie with your Muse.
A Sapphic Spick?

Ug! Shakespeare'd Roll
Over in Grave
a Chicana

Claiming his Lines
she's a Bastard
Mudblood ANchor
Baby Breeding

Dirt colored Bitch.
--As a Matter
of Fact, Sappho
said, "I chose this

Form to Avenge
my Faithful Scribes.
We have to Talk
Down in order

You might find This
In other Words
it's Classical.

It lives for Years!
Was it not Big Bill
who said it Well.
Eternal Lines

to Time thou Grow-
est so Long as Men
have Eyes to See
So Long Lives This!

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