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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hatrage:that reaches to the Future through Children unBorn cuz its 21st Century Supreme.

Black Ball Black Ball come get me, Ole
I'm a BullShit Fighter Con Safos y Que!
I've invented a Word for You: Compound
that brings your Salient Points to the Foreground

to form a Dipthong of your Oppressor
Features: Hate and Rage in one Noun: Hatrage.
Hate to the Wattage that resets Semantics.
Rage Rage to the Death of your Culture.

Who says that a Mixed Blood is a Human?
"What makes her take the less Civilized Race
as her Prizest?" Mexican, such a Name
is a Curse in Itself, an Epithet

that reaches to the Future through Children unBorn.
Cuz, it's 21st Century Supreme.

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