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Saturday, February 12, 2011

First it's Just a Flicker: First Lines of a Poem from 7th Grade Seem Formally Prophetic

first it's just             (3)
a flicker                  (3)
from a careless       (4)
camper's match      (3)

soon growing        (3)
to a burning flame (4)
too massive           (3)
to contain             (3)

Here, I am imitating my Father without realizing it
in a combined attempt to write a Native song about
the way the Deer got its horns (by running from
a forest fire). When the sap falls on its head,
and a broken branch becomes attached.

Another influence was Smokey Bear informercial.

Written for Mrs. Wood

Formally speaking, it observes rules for lyrics
which my dad taught me.  Like his poem
"For Words Unkindly Said"*  (FB friend Evon C. Morris for the original work)
Malibu Times

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