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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Why can't I be Normal like the Others?Musas Lesbianas. Ya Estufas C/S

Why can't I be Normal like the Others?
It's not Easy being Green like Kermit
said. For everytime you Breathe you make Words
into Verses, Soon five Thousand Sonnets
will Crash through the Dome of your Clitoris
and Poesms will Fleurish in your Prime,
Edith you thought you had your Issues Plus
de Profunde and now that you've Broken Bars
of Oppression, my Goddess Juquila
Tonantzin Guadalupe de Aquellas
son Firmes me Inspira a mi Conciencia
conocerlas a Ustedes Madres
Divinas que Gaurdan a las Rucas
Poetas Lesbianas. C/S

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