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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sargeant Agents of Genocide I Overcome you and have no Mercy

We all know him The Expert Brute who Kills
a Living digging in the Dirt, Exposed
to the Sargeant Agents of Genocide
and Anthropollywogonal violence
when Sappho must Share their Environment.
His Gaze grazes You Up and then Stares you Down
tracing the Lines of your Body with Thoughts
so Filthy you perceive a Urine Smell
spilling from their Underwear which Hangs Low
as their Tongue as it Wags when you Rally,
you Protest, you walk the Line, you Shout Loud
"No Justice No Peace" There are Thought
Gardens growing within a Femme like Me
Though you Saturate with Cyanide Rage,
I Overcome you and have no Mercy.

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