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Thursday, February 10, 2011

reclaim the Consciousness from Crackheads at Last.

Irascible Poet, Shut
the door, get in here Fast
they won't like that
you're here. What's
that you're doing
in the Water
growing wildlflowers
those unwanted Ferns
I'll teach you with
Mental Malathion
cursed Youth!
seek your Souls
through War
not traditions
of Lore, Love,
Lost in Jungles
ewwww mosquitos
Call up Monsanto
there's "Local Color
out here. Psss Natives.
The Fake ones
who think they hahaha
Predate the colony
muah bah muah bah Laugh in the Face of Youths
Addled by a Conscience? Well, we want None of That!

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