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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The many Ways to Beat a Drum instead of Beating Verses:They're Scribes who Intervene Digitally to Paint the Blue Dot Francisco invoked.

The many ways to beat a drum instead of beating verses--
the beat gets going and then it won't stop.
Beat me Beat me I'm a Drum of Sound dnouS
(hello olleh) Imagination? Hey
You? Is that you Speaking? TruDat my Sis
Sappho y que Tigueres los Hombres
Latinos que no Ayudan uno a Uno!
Ay Tristeza tienes que Empezar
tan Temprano? I'm here to Speak y Que?
Yo soy la Conciencia Gemela de Fe
For the Future we Build Today-Highways
of Verse. It is the highest road there is:

For Scribes who Intervene Digitally
to Paint the Blues of our Liberation.

This Sonnet is a Fictional Work. Any perceived, apparent, or implied relationship to entities or persons is coincidental.

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