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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Pigstitution! why I do not belong to Race Being Human?

See that that that
exactly as
Joaquin Phoenix
Ya Estufas!)

Back to my Reff
erent Fluorescent
Here's what you'll Need
to know: Not me

but Marquis de Sade
as depicted
by my namesake
Edith Wharton

in a film based
on her novel
This Quill's a Tongue
like Sor Juana's

in her Poem
Hombres necios
where she relates
on Silly Machos

I'm not a Writer!
and don't belong
to a Race
of you Heuman?

Edith Wharton
My Pachuca!
de Aquellas
not eXactly

Are you Manning
the Border man
that's some Sad Times
right there.  Right there.

A PoPuta
La Fregada
qui est q'cest?
I'm Studying

Manuscripts. Fuck
you really Are?
Like in those Huge
Libraries Tall

and Clean because
we Keep them Clean
but you're Inside
of it? We can

Aspire too?
Nah, I don't think
so. I need my Job.
Asses in Hats.

But this is Not
Wharton. She's wrong
she's a Fat whore
Worthless Token

So I can read
your Language
and Signs Mrs.

as  you do Wrong
to another
Equal to You
Better Smarter

You got the wrong
Mexican Indian
White Mulatta.

It's on on on
Long as my Tongue
Licked Never your
Shit Stinking Hole

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