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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Smooth Operatorah : The Quills of Shade

Taking the Sadistic Out of our Ears--
Out!  Illegal!  Worthless!  A Burden! Shame
on you your Poverty! Your Blisters, Bones,
Offspring. You are not Human not as Much
as I am. I'm the Liberal Elitist
earning that Retirement I think Of
and the Buds well though I'm not Into that,
they get off with the Staff, er, Latinas
Illegals, Ya Know, all of these Wetbacks
looking for Gold, hunger for my Nutsack.
SInce I don't "Do That" with Whores from Down South,
and the Guys are into It, I give Free
Access to the Ass. But I'd Never Give
Up a Chance to appear in a Sonnet.

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