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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Songs of Freedom: Ready to Cut Sharpened

---"Workin inequity to achieve Vanity" Bob Marley

To my Students, Children of my Sisters,
and of Flesh and Blood: Sing Songs of Freedom,
words with Eyes and Mouths, Butterflies that Come,
thinkers with Deep Souls for Dictionaries---

The Spirit of Liberty is Music
is Harmony is Dignity is Free,
so let us Remember the Old Trick
of the Imagination and its Wings

that Soar with the Caution that Icarus
gained and with the Abandon of the Flame's Friend,
Prometheus. When Pandora let's Loose
her Box this Time, We will not be Afraid!

"If You are a Big Tree, we are Small Axe
Ready to Cut you Down, Sharpened and Ready."

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