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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hate is not a Truth and it's not a Thought, yet It is Fine Soil for A Sonnet

Only with great sacrifice and with Pain,
the Raging melody of Racism,
violence and Abuse Spun Around Again,
I turned my Target into a Flower.

My Target was a Wound that Bled Petals
of Despair for every Smear. Jealousy
too! my Silken Veins and Yellow Pollen
favored by the Bees who sucked my Honey,

So, Many are the Always I Multiply
my Beauty when the Epithets I hear,
each "Dirty Mexican" that comes to My
ears is the Eternal Verse of Shakespeare.

Hate is not a Truth! Hate is not a Thought,
Yet it is Fine Soil for a Sonnet!

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