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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sappho's Niche: Lorna was there keeping Time for History.

Niche--place where I am Home away from Home,
your Elegance makes me feel like a Child
without a Rhyme without my Origins
and yet that's not True at all. My HeartPulse,
my fingers of Despair~~New Directions
Shortcircuited by Academic Stasis....
it's Insufficient Raison d'etre Needs
Rational. (What's the Vulgar one saying'?)
Meiopologistically, thine History is More
far More credible than Another's Lore
with its Shoddy Stitches! Oooh! their Bodies
(this woman is a Problem--this Verse Cursed!)
Seriously, Sappho, from my Mouth to Yours,
those Silly Men chimed in Sor Juana. While
Lorna was there keeping Time for History.

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