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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Certain Ones you don't Invite to a Poem

Certain Ones you don't Invite to a Poem
be Careful with the Anthropollywogs
in Camouflage who Pose as Humanists
and by this Ruse give to Themselves Higher
opinions for what they Believe the Best Foods
none other Prefers such as Gnats and Aphids,
pesty non-native bugs with No Eco
Logic Sense for what they do does Produce
Run-off from Misogynectomolism
that Good 'ol and Good 'new Wog's Network.
Surely, the Good Reader adept in These
Matters would be scarcely-known to dismiss
with the Merit of the Foundations Told
to be Signed with the Protagonist's Insignia

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