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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Here's a Tweetch Ya'All an Ethnic Pride Poemy

A Poemy is Different and has Accent
so it's not really a Poem that's something
AH! nobody knows actually.  I'm not
good at English, so I say forget it
but I love that what's his name Doctor Zoo.
Yeah, a Teacher read it to me in School.
Now, I like that type of Stuff. The Cat
in the Hat and etcetera etcetera.
So, yup that's how it Looks to Us in Here.
"But did you say you are a um Artist
or something like that?  Cuz I Write
Some these little Nothings here called Sonnets."
Plam! Readers! I was first a Funky thought
then turned into a Local Boy I know.

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