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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Come up and Write that word on the Board __________ [DREAM]

There's a Little Thing so Small it Isn't
Visible (Imagination) What is it?
It's Smaller than an Ant but it can't Fit
into the Ocean....What color it Makes?
"Say what color is it!  Not what color
it Makes!" LOL Edith...Make a Guess!
Just say Anything! Now say a Number
that we'll Place inside of a Magic Box.
Let's see What Happens After it Comes Out.
Since you have had time to think about it.
What is your Answer? A Contradiction
in Terms. Something can't be both Large and Small?
Do you have something to say? That's great! Now,
Come on up and Write it on the Board-- [DREAM]

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