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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

a Vow to Friends and Strangers that our Humanity we won't Forsake.

The Imagination and its Beauty!--
its Unstoppable Power to Transform
us in the most Dire of Desperations:
Let it be That which Remains beyond This,
a Cumulus Cloud we Held to our Eyes
as Proof we were never Wrong to Begin
with. No, we were Correct in What Mattered
most, our Faith's Hope. When asked to Prove our Worth,
we multiplied our Efforts, and we pinned
prize Flowers near our Hearts where Fragrances
decanted from the Soul's Deep Compassion.
Only We know how to Express by Words,
or Smiles, a Vow to Friends and Strangers
our Kind Humanity we won't Forsake.

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