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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Take these Broken Dreams and build them Again,I'm the Green of the Mexican to your Old GLory.

Take these Broken Dreams and build them Again,
in Red, White, Blue.  How about GREEN?, a Poet
raised his Hand. Hold on....ah..., Garcia Lorca
you were Hemingway's Muse and ours too:
the Plebe, the Poets, the Autistics.
Yeah Yeah Yeah we alReady knew That some
would dislike being Annoyed by my Heart's Ear
Laid Waste and Pilfered Maligned and Defamed...
She's aLive, yes Mama, we've Survived it Once
more Jefa...Blood Oranges, Blood Oranges,
they were Fruits made of Men (Women 2)
who Spoke Truths over their Own Sincere
and Confessed, excesses, sessecxe, a word Game
Retarded dedrateR taken from/for a Normal
while we go Denied our Human Rights.
Yeah Liberals  you've all Lost your Senses
and Represent a Civil Guard none too Congenial.
My Remedy I Edith Speaketh, is Omnesty,
Amnesty Plus Objective Measures which Tell
of the Structural Science of Hypocrisy
as the Emersonians knew to be True:
Transcend by Civil Disobedience.

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