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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Rights are Love no sabe uno que tiene hasta que lo pierde

Rights are Love no sabe uno que tiene 
hasta que lo pierde. The Presence Once
was not noticed or valued, until Lost,
Lost once but not Again! I Love my Rights,
all of them Equally but One I Claim
as the Most Beautiful above the Rest.
Foolish are those attempts to Shush my First
Best, most Cherished, upon which all are Premised
and Staked: Freedom to Speak Truth to Power.
Power by its Uneven contest rules
by its Selfish Quest, its Claws, its Nonsense,
and Insufficiency. While its Trademark
becomes a Scowl, a Scar, a Darkened Star:
Wild Sonnets Bloom Bright with 14 Flowers.

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