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Sunday, February 6, 2011

In the 14th line there will be "Safety" : Refuge Sonnet

Take refuge in my Sonnet, its been Built
as a Fortress against Cynics and Quips
that believe themselves to be Full-fledged Works
of the Imagination. Its Lines Sift
through the Madness, Despair, and Tyranny
of Misconceived Greed for Power and False
knowledge of Decaying philosophies.

Indeed, it seems Truer than Honesty
and now an Understatement gone Deep
into the Woodgrain, yet Freedom can hold
its Own.  It's watertight against the Flood
of Hatred, Aggression, Domination
that seeks Innocence to Sate its Violence.
In the 14th line I placed a "Safety."

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