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Monday, February 7, 2011

Imaginationings of Poemys.Before Anything Else~~we were Moderns and Ized and Ated

before aNything Else we were Moderns
and Ised and Ated--Yet the Colony
still won't be Sated. It thirsts for our Pain,
and a Residual engorged Impulse
for mutual Desperations scrimpin
Mahogany Miscegenation forced
on our Mothers, ourSelves, and To Elsie.
At ease with our Aches, our fallen People.

The Eggs of Sea Turtles, deposited
far from their Home where there Mothers
shed them to be Tended to by Waves
off the Shore, an UlulllaBy, a Vital
Connection everYWhere Present,
Imaginationings of Poemys.

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