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Sunday, February 6, 2011

I learned so much, I graduated Too!: I'm a Teacher without Walls and in Time:

I'm a teacher without Walls and though Hate
and Fear, Lust and Greed laid waste my Career
--what I most loved of all Dedications--
to Teach the Youth from all my Books and Years
the Way to Words by Freedom's Means and Arts.
A Path toward Independence and Success,
I built for them with Every Breath and Test,
every Essay I assigned I made Riddles
of their Stress and Pain. We turned the Tables
on the Monsters of Procrastination.
Attention Deficit Disorders Pshaw!
We Placed High Scores beside our  Names and Wrote
with Ease, Empowered, Bold and Well-Expressed.
I learned so much, I graduated Too!

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