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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Ethnic Studies in her Downcast Eyes:a Mighty Art to Sing of Youth of Age of Power persevering to Transcend!

The Ethnic Studies in her Downcast Eyes
that turn to Gaze at your Fear and again
she Resists, with her own words turns a Phrase.
Something Spectacular happens. Attuned
to the lost Cause of your Hate and Terror
your Obsession for erasing History!--
This History we preserved with these Danzas,
concha Shells, all properly Cleansed
lit with Sage and Copal's plentiful Smoke.

Nothing new for us. We will carry On
in the beating of Drums. With Ventricles,
Chambers, Arteries, and Veins, we Grow Strong
a Mighty Art to Sing of Youth, of Age
of Power, persevering to Transcend!

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