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Sunday, February 6, 2011

AntiBullyVerse: I know the Power of Dignity, Earned!

You know the Feeling when you're the OTHER--
Everyone in the group bands Together
by some Sign, on Cue, Instant everytime:
when the Dominoes all change their Colors,
the Acrobats put on their Capes, the Clowns
and the Joker change into Wizard Hats.
When the Dream moves on, you are a Glacier
melting into Tears of debasement that Heat
your every Element. Onto Act 2:
the Mob rules by Secret Assent, Agreed.
"How far will you go to preserve your Place
in the Pack? This is how we Develop
a Mutual vision of our Common Bond."
~I know the Power of Dignity, Earned!

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