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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Wikileaks Malcreant Mr. Assange

Malcreants and Poets we are alike
and meet at CrossRoads. Words and Images
are our Methods. We Cool Cats.  We People.
Why Kill off our Freedom of Information?

Why not? asked the Diabolizing Mimes,
the Acrobats of Meaning and Value,
the Kitty Cats of Famous Outlaws, Martyrs,
Pets of the Crooked, Shameless, and Nameless,

We behold our Freedom of Information,
hunted all over forest and grove, road
and Seaway, Grab him up. Deliver him
Alive on Arrival. Seeker of Refuge,

Poet in Danger, Regardez Vous,
Freedom of Language en Fleur.

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