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Friday, December 31, 2010

I Know How Gregor Felt: Cockroaches and Brown Buffalo

I know how Gregor felt, obsessed by Beauty,
the Picture on the Wall evermore Real
than Brittle joints of Legs that aren't ours;
one day upon waking, they're Part of us
along with a Carapace and shrieking
sounds. No, not so Loud but discernible
as Buzzwords, Insect Lingo, Ya estufas!
What matters anyway asked el Pachuco?
Life has no Value, no vale Nada
la Vida. Enter el Anthropollywog
flashing signs of its MentalGhettoWorld:
Our liberal Values have made us Sublimer
"Such Experts are biased toward Cockroaches!"
the Brown Buffalo once more objected.

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