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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Tú que tienes buenos ojos: Mama taught me to Thread the Needle

Mama taught me to thread my needle,
hold the strand like a head between the thumb
and forefinger--tú que tienes buenos
ojos, insártame a la abuja--from
below the tip I pinch the fiber, wet
with a drop of spit if it is frayed, aim
like an arrow for the eye of the pin.
First try, it's in. Tie a knot at the end
So I make my stitch joining two pieces
of cloth to make a seam. That's how Mama
taught me to sew and though I'm out of time
or will soon be (each sonnet's got to end)
just another one to go, no ruffle,
then here's the 14th line which is my hem.

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