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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Somewhere Over the Senate, Dreams Come True, Poverty is not Taxed, DADT Ends, and Lobbyists don't Make Laws

Somewhere over the Rainbow, Dreams come True.
The color Spectrum Infra to Ultra
is Free to be True to its Hue and Arc,
its Beautification of Celestial
proportion Outshines the Politician's
exCuses, his Shadow Constituents,
her Parlor Game Antics.  Worship me. Screw
you and Your Poverty. Twenty Thousand
dollars is what you Make? Unworthy Ones,
we need tax for our Deficit. Senate
Incarnate--that's Me. My own Private Set
is the evidence of my Superior
standing among us. We know how to have
fun with our Loopholes, Lobbyists, and Laws.

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