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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Federico Garcia Lorca te nombran gitano

--to Victor Avila

Adonis of poetry, Federico te nombran
el gitano por adentro, ardiente y triste, Alma
mia que fin fue capaz de terminar contigo? Qual?
What end could quit you? The Heart was replaced with a Deer's
Heart, and Sleeping Beauty will awake, and the Elves Who
become Plural by the Force that Separates with Violence.
Enrededor Palabra, que es lo que Bebes Tu?
Je m'appelle Federica, your bridge made in my Image
and thus this Medium of Verse has Returned us to the Wall
of the Firing Squad. I see you there Federico
composing your Death Song with Words that you formed in Vain.
Or were you Alive as you are now in this PoemeoP? Were you a Poet
until the Last Breath? We return to you at the Well,
Duende, the Spirit of Death of the People as it Evokes itself in Fire.

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