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Thursday, December 9, 2010

DADT: Sexual Millitary Politics of the Circus

The Armed Forces like to play pretend all Heroes are Male.
Our Army's recruiting; Circ de'Soleil.
The Clown goes Center-Stage then turns his Back.
He says, "the Amorous Forces are Male
Fantasies Woweeee." The Mime joined his Bro
el Payaso Wikileaks, Hackers and Activists.

The Political Circus is in Town!
Trapezists and Acrobats in Costume.

"But where will we work when the Audience
no longer Needs us? We better Create Real war
and not just for the Season, but Permanently
causing them Tragedy at Left, Right and Center.
Plentiful Reasons they'll need amusement
and our Circus will have Captive Recruits!

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