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Thursday, December 16, 2010

MN: Postcolonial Brother

I'm speaking with Freedom----ssseYess, soy
una de Aquellas, Sad Girl, Cry baby,
errrr, rhYming....come, do it with Me, Sonnet,
I brought along a Friend who betrayed me
and yet one with whose Dignity I spared
him. "I'm not afraid of your Dark Skin.
I am the Same as You, we are eQual,"
and I offered you a hug of Compassion
when I told you (him) I could not accept
Propositions. That's WAY OFF key.
<Dissonance in Difference> THEN, Dark-
ness emerged no not that of Conrad, wtf--
Postcolonial Brother's a Predator. Que
importa? Acuerdense que fue Tuuu
Sistema de manejar con Ambicion
una sistema racial subpoderante.
A un feo vivoron verde y Que!

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