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Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Dream has gone Viral. E-book 13 Dream Rimas and Sonnets. Run Away but Come Back Your Dream will Always be Florido de Joven Plumaje Soneteria

Rima, Sientese por Favor ya Estufas, no
deberiamos tener nuestros derechos de
ser profesores y maestros? Indigenous
Border we are your Lords of Yore
o Algo seria un poco aparecido al Mito
de los Dioses de antes que formaron
una Memoria...que seria? La Perdida
no es tan sin Valor, sabes que? Take
away your Idea, it is rather Malodorous,
ya know it gives us Bad Dreams, Senores.
Are we not proud enough of these
Surrealistic SelfAutiobiographical
Self Portraitured Young saplings and Dreamers
que son un poco Orgullosos? Q nos
presten un tanto de lo que ellos poseen.
WTF POSSE? Can't we charge up the
COmmunication Zone for the DREAM?
The Dream has gone Viral. See my E-book,
por ejemplo.  Our Illness is Beauty.
Symptomatic loss of Fear and Fury.
Ay de mi, Aprendizaje, hit the Books!
Get nice and Ready, fill your Minds with Hope,
with Energy and Freedom.  Be the Youth
we Need You to Be. Stand up Tall Take
a Breath, I've never seen you shed One Tear?
Dreamers?  We are old and know you Cry
if all Alone when your Courage is Hiding
in the Closet. You are Young and Shine
with Radiance, No importa con Quienes
te enamores.  Awe Quienes Somos?
Habia una Vez, un Sueno Real.

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