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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Let's Stay Up Together and Wait on the Senators, Mi Amor

Let's stay up together and wait on the senators, Amor
How can we sleep when we have no justice?
Se nos durmio el gallo? WTF? And how about those
damn D.F.equeros, did they ever Flash any Sign?
Who are they? Espanoles Criollos sin Alma?
Our Puerto Rican siblings cared more for our Causa.
They signaled in the way that they do, Dance
forms are the Movements of Freedom of Art.
L'ars pour l'ars as they said in French. We speak
it rather Easily. So let's come on
French philosophers help us.  He did it
for you Touissant L'Overtoure...and see How
Haiti is paid today.  America,
get over Racism today today!

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