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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Doc Williams, Hurry Up, here's Some News about The Dream Act

Doc you said Something I'd like to Correct
when you said that you can't get the News
in a Poem. Ta! Da! The Dream's right Here
third line from the Top and Pssst...I know you
are dead, but listen Up, William Carlos Will
iams, this here's a Sonnet. That's how it Will
be. But stick around we got some Patients
you can see, or they can see You, Poeta.
The Pure Products of America go
Dreaming, Mi Amor, si se Pudo, Dreams
can Never die or we Would too. Yet we must
learn to Flower meaning like Einstein did.
Hear me for I too am concerned and Who
ever wants to Dream in Peace in their Bed.

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