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Monday, December 6, 2010

It happens as the cramps of child birth, Leda after her Rape

It happens as the cramps of child birth,
contractions, pains, tingling, numbness, again
pressures which pass and return, that's the Flow
of Cracking Up as they say though I don't
like that term. I'd describe my Mind as an
Ongoing Circus of Entertainers,
Mirth and Melancholy, and the Mental
Blisters that Ooze Inchoate Flowers
and Blend with tics, dead time, and counting
Rhymes by various Lengths and Measures.
Voila, they are Disassociative Muses
Lacing their Words upon Wheels in Flight
Sustained on Delicate Skies. Andale, Didi, tomate
tu te y luego te vas a comer tus frioles con chile.

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