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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Educational Industrial Complex Mandates Boredom Officially

Ugh, how boring is Anger. It's so Hard
to Withstand or Outrun (so Spin It-
Turn it Over, reverse it ti esrever start
New. My 2nd grade Teacher had Wit
that I needed. She says, "let's learn ABC's
Backwards as well as Forward." Bless
her for that Big Clue at 7 Years Old.
Turning things over, Spinning them, What
grace of Nature we are Able to Be
without a Social Agenda. Out Political
Economy, Lobbyists, Perverse
Agents of Officialized Boredom! Pat--
a-Degree (Dude, I'm earning 100k plus
perks, Stationery that says I'm a Doctor.)

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