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Monday, December 13, 2010

Other Foes? They Hated Hope and so They Hate Dreams: Appeal to African-Americans

--They Said you Can't have Hope and Now they Add Dreams to That Rule

They hated Hope, and so they hate Dreams.
Unashamedly they abuse English,
the Language they Love. How sad for the One
that they Dislike. It is an Evil Code which
Wages this Movement of Force. Emotions,
these Feelings, these Self-Evident Powers--
which have Formed our Greatest Features,
Humanity, WTF, have we no
Spine? Where is our Heart? This Soul
Means so Much to that Imagination!
It was Invoked by the Poets, the Heralds,
by God, even the Prophets have Dreams!
How can we protect our Intelligence, Humans?
Or did we just sorta elapse like Other Foes?

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