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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Biggest Foreclosure happens HEre in Language, GentleSenate

Language has value though some say it don't.
They're so ungrammatical in Dreamish,
they pile on Negative Integers
of expression. In fact, they're Illiterate.

They'd be good Subjects for Freud, case studies
of Paranormal Subservient Thought.
With their Preludes to Poverty Don't get
me started because they never Finish.

At least when I spin, I spin a Sonnet.
All they do is Tip the Balance to watch
the Building blocks of Knowledge toppling
with a silence they Cut with their Cackling.

Rude and Uncivil, these Banksters of Verbs,
Forms, and Figures. They Fail at Language

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