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Thursday, December 9, 2010

I'm the Devil Rumplestilkin to Jonathan Culler Concerning the Congress in Session

I'm a Genius said Penelope Cruz
and I felt a Twinge of Myself, Hey Spark
of Angelic Rambling, ya Know Ginsberg
was one of those they call People of Color
yet we Have a Name. We are Chumash,
whaddup? Have a Seat, observe the Great
Creator's Song in my Heart, sagrado
humano, Elegua tus Hijos no Lo
Reconocen. oyes que les pasa? we asked
we, Nortenos, Villistas, Viva Zapata,
XochitlSonadores Radiantes,
Free the Dream Act Senator-Gentleman.
or we are Having a Little Problem.
The Racial part yeah yeah yeah it Still SelleS
well in the Market of Media Tropes
a ha ha ha. Get ready for MLA!
its in L.A. Native, our Englishes
by way of the Underground Languages
of the Infernally Created Code
known as the MLA Standard, Ole,
We are the Humanities. Let's Survive
Again as we always have in Hard Times.
Romantics, I've heard you Invoked thrice
this week. This is our Language and
those our Arts, Je Seui Les Fleurs du Mal.
Hurry Up Vamonos Arriba Congress
you are making an Idea of Mockery.
You obtrude upon Rhetoric sans elegance.
Here is enclosed my Challenge you Indeed
do this Service as a form of Respect
Free the Dream Act cuz I'm getting Wound Up
I may not be able to Stop its my Compulsive
Gentle Nature, a Non-Stop Humanist.
You thought I was the Princess? F-That
The Devil's in (here) inside of the Verses.
We've just Waltzed with him, Jonathan Culler

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